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Born and bred in Ottawa, Jason has been tattooing since the age of 17. Since 1987, his years and impressive talent not only make him a sought-after tattoo artist, but also allow him to become a recognized authority in fixing and covering up old, faded, and poor tattoos.

His certifications are many, including one in Bloodborne Pathogens, and another in Crime and Trauma Scene Biorecovery. These make Jason Potvin someone who understands biology, safety, and the ability to adapt to multiple skin conditions.

His remarkable sense of artistry and precision have also been featured in numerous national tattoo magazines, which also showcase some of his amazing work. But his pride and joy? Being the go-to tattoo artist for a lot of professional musicians and many road staff of famous bands like Pink Floyd and Motorhead.

If you would like to know more about what Jason can do for you, book a consultation today at 613-741-5888.

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