About Lance King

Lance King is one of those rare tattoo artists who not only understand perspective, depth, and tone, but can also paint faces and facial expressions with an almost eerie accuracy and lifelike quality.

Don’t let this young tattoo artist who’s been in the business for just a few years fool you. With over a thousand tattoos under his belt, Lance has inked more skin area in the last three years than many tattoo artists have in their entire careers!

His astonishing repertoire of black and grey realism, facial portraits, neo-traditional and bio-mechanical designs are just the tip of the iceberg for this young artist who finds a strange comfort in tackling challenging new approaches to his artwork.

Lance’s goal is to continually strive to learn and hone his craft. An awesome benefit with him being such a young, aspiring, yet humble craftsman is the fact that he is flexible and willing to try new pieces and ideas.

His main inspirations are artists Bob tyrrell, Tim hendricks, and Tommy Montoya for monocolored tattoos, as well as Nikko Hurtado for his flawless multicolored works.

Lance discovered his talent at a very young age, drawing sketches and attracting praises from his peers during his adolescence. Then one day, quite by accident while visiting Thailand, he noticed a local tattoo shop that intrigued him. He asked for someone to teach him the craft, which ignited a spark within this young artist that eventually blossomed into a busy, in-demand tattoo career!

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